please check out this blog for some of the best misspelliinggngns in exams of all time, some of them are golden and should be given awards. http://lawsie.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/funny-kids-exam-answers.html


The answer is, FTALSTUCEish?

I saw this image today on Google images and it really did make me laugh, but it also made me think, how many people get away with the right answer by misspelling ehat it is they are righting? will tis gin us marks or will is make us lose them? Also is spelling inportasnt? is it becoming more inportant now that coreswork is being eradicated and it is all exam baced? Will this help some exseed, or the majorty fail? wot r ur thoutchts?

(sorry for the typos, they were purposeful)


Excuse the title rhyme it awful. Its important that you get this right because; ‘you only get one shot (so make it count) you may never get this moment again’ – JLS

Its important to nail question one so you stand in good stead for the rest of the exam. In question number one you are marked out of 48 marks, which is divided up into 16 per AO. SO if you are good at maths you would have worked out that there are three AOs and you have to cover them ALL in order to get a good grade. yay. 

The students that have done well over the last few years succeeded by;

– using different and original groupings that others may not have thought of.

– Being led by the data given in the exam, showing an open minded approach.

– linking to AO1 and AO2 consistently.

– Supporting their answers with linguistic terms, considering audience, genre and purpose. 

These are only a few points but they will definitely help when it comes to the exam. ‘Reach for the stars, climb every mountain high’ – S Club 7.