Journey’s End Timeline

Journey’s End Timeline

Act one– The night of the 18th of Mach, a Monday

This is a very busy act, were we are introduced to the characters of Hardy, a soldier who is leaving to join a different rank. We are also introduced to Osborne, who is speaking to hardy; we see that the two of them are getting along well showing that Osborne is a friendly. We meet Manson, the officer’s cook, who is hard working and obedient. Raleigh enters as the new officer and is very young and naive about the war. Stanhope is the leading officer of the rank, and is extremely allthotive and wants everything to run like clockwork. We also meet the two other remaining soldiers, Trotter who is a humours man, but is always thinking about food, and finally Hibbert, a shy man who complains about is neuralgia.

In the first act hardy is talking to Osborne, and Hardy is about to leave. Hardy leaves, and at this point Raleigh enters as a new solider and is ready to get started. Stanhope then comes in the link is made that Raleigh and Stanhope knew each other at school, although this is not shown by Stanhope. The men eat together and complain of the quantity.

There is a moment where Hibbert and Stanhope are alone, and Hibbert first brings up his neuralgia, and refuses to eat, although Stanhope stands his ground and doesn’t let him home.

We then see Osborne alone with Stanhope and they discuss Raleigh and how he looks up to Stanhope and the fact he is so happy to be in his platoon. We also discover Stanhope’s alcoholism, and how he relies partly on Osborne to look after him when he is drunk.

Act two scene one – 19th march, Tuesday morning

The men are talking about breakfast and petty things like pepper. They reflect about what their lives were like at home and the activates they did. Raleigh enters and speaks about how he feels time is going slowly, before the convocation swings back to normal life in England. Stanhope enters and formalises the mood and requests whiskey. Stanhope orders Raleigh around to check riffles. Raleigh goes to send a letter and Stanhope demand to see it, this results in Stanhope getting very angry, and when Osborne reads him the continences of the letter Stanhope learns Raleigh was only praising Stanhope.

Act two, scene two – Tuesday the 19th the evening

We meet the character of the Sargent major for the first time as well as the colonel and learn that they are very authoritative characters, and both worry about Stanhope. They discuss a big push as well as Hibbert.

Hibbert approaches Stanhope and is so fretful about his neuralgia and begs Stanhope to shoot him. But Stanhope gets him to pull himself together.

Stanhope informs Osborne of the big push and he explains that he wants Osborne and Raleigh along with other men to do it.

Act three scene one – towards dawn, thursday

The men are getting ready to go over the top, they keep trying to distract each other from thinking about what is to come.

A German is captured and the men interrogate him in the dugout, but not very well as they do not know much German.

Raleigh mad it back alive with some other men, however Osborne did not make it. The other men celebrate the victory however Raleigh is extremely upset at the death of his friend.

Act three – scene two later that evening

All the men are getting drunk and celebrating except for Raleigh who refuses to do so out of respect. This angers Stanhope, and Stanhope reveals some of his true emotions of fear and sorrow.

Act three – scene three near dawn

There is a shell attack on the dugout, and it gets worse and worse. Raleigh gets hit in the back and taken back into the dugout. Stanhope stays with him as Raleigh is approaching the end of his life. He asks to be kept warm and then dies.


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